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Ski bottom innovation has been stalled for too many years. We wanted a 34 mph ski that worked better for the skier than any of the old designs on the market. Stepping outside the box we started testing steps in the tunnel. Straight steps, angled steps, steps that rolled up the bevel, stopped short of the edge, 4 steps, 5 steps, etc. Our testing and performance on the water confirmed that 6 V shaped steps is far superior to any other design. These steps grace the edge-to-edge tunnel of the ski, which reduces drag and helps speed with less wetted surface area. The result is a smooth quiet ride that is freer in the turns and quicker reacting. A narrower tail sits deeper in the water creating a more symmetric turn and less bounce across the wake. This is the smoothest most forgiving 34 mph ski on the market. It looks better, feels better, skis better. Change isn’t coming, change is here.

• Construction: C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology), fiberglass wrap, carbon reinforced, Profile Tech Top, closed cell polyurethane resin core, hand tuned Acrylam base
• Binding Option: Enzo plates, Sidewinder plates, Blank with Fin
• Sizes: 65in./165cm, 67in./170cm, 69in./175cm
• Fin: Viper Fin System with foil

Level: Advanced
Skier Weight:  Over 200 lbs.
Recommended Speed:  28-36 mph

  • Manufactured by: Connelly

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